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When it comes to your future it is important that you work with experienced and reliable attorneys. The attorneys at Nielsen & Mukerji, LLP have a track record of success that speaks for itself. Every injured individual deserves a fighting chance to receive the compensation that they deserve. Here you can look through our past cases results to see the amount of dedication and commitment that we have for our clients. We are on your side and will fight the insurance companies and big businesses in court. No matter what situation you find yourself facing, it is important that you seek reliable legal counsel. We understand that suffering injuries at the hands of others can be frustrating and we have been able to assist hundreds of individuals in achieving the most desirable outcomes in their cases and we can help you! Contact us today to speak with our reputable personal injury attorneys to schedule your free case evaluation.


Case Won – Bounce House Injury

In October 2014, the Houston based child injury law firm of Nielsen & Mukerji, LLP won a premises liability case against Pump It Up of The Woodlands. The verdict of negligence led to compensation in the amount of $1.3 million for the family of the plaintiff, a 9 year-old boy who suffered a traumatic brain injury when he fell from an inflatable bounce house at Pump It Up of The Woodlands. The boy and his brother were in an area which was unsupervised, and when the brother climbed down, the change in balance caused the boy to fall 7 feet to the concrete.

Case Settled – Electrocution

The team of Nielsen & Mukerji, LLP settled a case in early 2012 for $800,000, where two clients were electrocuted. Both clients worked for the same Subcontractor. That Subcontractor as well as a second Subcontractor were hired by a General Contractor to mix and pour cement at a commercial construction site. An employee of the second Subcontractor drove a boom truck into power lines, and the lines came down where they electrocuted the two clients. Both were permanently disabled as a result of the accident.

Case Won – Head-on Collision

Attorney Eric Nielsen represented the widow of a cabdriver who died in a head-on collision after another driver went over the median and ended up in the cabdriver’s lane. The at-fault driver only had a $20,000 policy. Upon reviewing the case, attorney Nielsen sent a “Stowers Demand Letter” to the at-fault’s insurance company, which, in effect, states that if they didn’t tender the $20k, the insured at-fault party would be able to come after the insurance company for ANY verdict in excess of the $20,000 policy limits. Still, the insurance company refused to pay the $20,000. At trial, a verdict was passed down for nearly $800,000. The insurance company refused to pay anything in excess of the $20,000, so they appealed the verdict and the effectiveness of the Stower’s demand letter. The Texas Court of Appeals upheld the verdict and the Stower’s letter. After the Texas Supreme Court refused to hear the case, the original defendant sued her own insurance company for negligently and, in bad faith, not paying the policy limits of $20,000. The at-fault insurance company finally decided to settle for $1,000,000 which included pre-judgment and post-judgment interest, as well as attorney’s fees, etc.

Case Settled – 18-wheeler Collision

Attorney Sam Mukerji settled a case recently where a woman had a surgical recommendation for her neck and lower back from an orthopedic surgeon. She didn’t want to get the surgery at the time because she was young. Attorney Mukerji was able to convince the 18-wheeler’s insurance company that she would definitely get surgery and the case settled at mediation for $215,000.

Case Settled – 18-wheeler Collision

Attorney Sam Mukerji settled a case where a woman had a recommendation for surgery on her neck after she was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler. She did not go to the E.R., but felt pain the next day and received chiropractic treatment. While the treatment helped a bit, the chiropractor realized that her ongoing pain may be something more serious and ordered an MRI, which showed a large herniated disc in her neck. The case settled for $115,000.

Case Settled – Bicycle / Car Collision

The team of Nielsen & Mukerji, LLP settled a case where a man was riding his bike down a busy street in Houston. He was riding it legally and yet was hit from behind by a commercial van. His head struck the van’s windshield, cracking it, and then his head hit the ground. The client suffered slight loss of vision in one eye. The case settled for $200,000 at mediation, after the at-fault’s insurance company initially denied total responsibility.

Case Won – Workplace Injury

Attorneys Leo Kishinevsky and Leena Fenner of Nielsen & Mukerji, LLP have won a work injury trial where the employer did not provide fall protection, as required by OSHA, to its employee. The defendant’s main argument was that our client was an independent contractor and not a full time employee. The defendant employer refused to take responsibility for the serious injuries it caused to its employee and refused to make any offer of settlement prior to trial. The verdict at trial was in favor of plaintiff and our law firm was able to secure a verdict of $374,500.

Case Won – Automobile Injury

Attorneys Sam K. Mukerji and Leo Kishinevsky obtained a Harris County jury verdict of $50,000 in an automobile injury case. The plaintiff sustained serious injuries because the defendant, insured by State Farm, failed to yield the right of way. The verdict is over three times the amount of State Farm’s pretrial settlement offer.

Case Won – Injuries from Assault

Attorney Eric Nielsen represented a client who was assaulted at an apartment complex by two tow truck drivers working for the same company. The apartment complex contracted with the tow truck company, so the team at Nielsen & Mukerji went after both the tow truck company and the apartment complex itself. In the end, the attorneys at Nielsen and Mukerji were able to obtain a verdict of $1.1 million for the injured client.

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